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  • Anytime unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer support
  • In-house secure technologies
  • Good value for money
  • Limited worldwide accessibility
  • No website builder

Established in 2007, ScalaHosting is a reputable company based in Dallas, Texas, and holds an A+ rating with BBB accreditation.

With over 700,000 websites hosted, ScalaHosting’s popularity and efficiency are evident in their services. They provide a range of packages, such as managed cloud VPS, web hosting, WordPress hosting, and email hosting, catering to both personal and business websites.

Furthermore, ScalaHosting has an impressive Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5, based on the reviews of 754 individuals.

Plans and Pricing

ScalaHosting provides Managed Cloud VPS, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Email Hosting plans.

They accept payments through credit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Additionally, they offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Managed VPS Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Build #150 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$29.95
Build #2100 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$63.95
Build #3150 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$121.95
Build #4200 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$179.95

My personal recommendation for business owners is the Build #3 plan, as it delivers the best value for the cost. For just $121.95, it provides 8 CPU Cores, 16 GB RAM, and SSD storage.

Advice: This plan is ideal for website owners seeking the strength and adaptability of a virtual server without the complexity and steep learning curve associated with managing it on their own.

Web Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
Mini10 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanel1$2.95
Start50 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$5.95
Advanced100 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$9.95
Entry cloud50 GB NVMe (upgradable)UnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$14.95

Every plan is fairly priced, but the Advanced plan offers the most bang for your buck.

Suggestion: If you own a blog or a website with moderate to high traffic, consider selecting one of the mentioned plans.

WordPress Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
WP Mini10 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanel1$2.95
WP Start50 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$5.95
WP Advanced100 GB NVMeUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$9.95
Entry WP cloud50 GB NVMe (upgradable)UnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$14.95

The Entry WP Cloud plan provides outstanding premium features such as scalable storage, malware protection, priority support, and more for just $14.99.

Advice: These plans are ideal for WordPress website owners seeking top-notch performance.


  • Managed Cloud VPN, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting
  • 1 – click WordPress installation
  • Free SSL
  • SPanel, SShield, SWordpress

ScalaHosting offers a range of distinctive features that simplify website management, such as SPanel, SShield, and SWordpress.

SPanel is an all-inclusive control panel designed for managing and configuring websites hosted on the platform. With its user-friendly interface, users can effortlessly set up domains, create databases, monitor visits, and more.

SShield represents ScalaHosting’s complimentary automated security system that keeps an eye on websites for harmful attacks and potential threats. It features a sophisticated firewall that prevents malicious requests from reaching the website.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review


Server speed, uptime, and load time are all crucial aspects for guaranteeing a seamless user experience, swift website performance, and dependable availability. Server speed is the duration it takes for a server to respond to a request, uptime refers to the time a server remains operational and accessible, and load time is the time needed for a web page to load.

ScalaHosting also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. I conducted a test on using GTMetrix, and the results were impressive.

The fully loaded time amounted to 1.5 seconds, while the TTFB (response time) stood at 101 ms. The performance score was outstanding as well.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Level Of Support

Phone Support

ScalaHosting does not provide phone support. Instead, they offer 24/7 assistance through ticket and live chat.

Live Chat

Upon initiating a live chat, it took less than 2 seconds to connect me to an extremely helpful agent who maintained professionalism throughout the interaction.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review
Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review

Technical Support (Email 24/7)

ScalaHosting offers an email for technical support on their website, claiming it to be available 24/7. This attribute sets them apart from other hosting services, where technical support is often considered a premium feature.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review


ScalaHosting features an extensive knowledgebase with answers to nearly any question you might have.

Final: ScalaHosting - Brand Review


I consider ScalaHosting to be an excellent option for website owners seeking an affordable, dependable, and feature-packed hosting solution. It is particularly suitable for those interested in selecting cloud servers and customizing them according to their requirements.

ScalaHosting also provides its own security technologies and control panel. SShield is a security feature that protects against various cyber-attacks and threats, while SPanel is a web-based control panel that allows users to manage their website and server with a user-friendly interface.

In conclusion, ScalaHosting is a credible and reliable provider that I would recommend to anyone in search of a trustworthy web hosting service.

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