• Enjoy a lifetime discount that lets you renew your plan at the initial price you paid – or for less.
  • Keep your website running consistently thanks to MochaHost’s Never Reboot Protection.
  • Hit the (web hosting) ground running with a free website builder and free website transfer help.
  • Get the help you need quickly from MochaHost’s tech experts via 24/7 live chat, ticketing and phone callbacks.
  • Protect your website with 24/7 network monitoring, RAID 10, firewall and malware protection.
  • The wide selection of MochaHost plans can be confusing for newcomers.
  • While the company’s core prices are very low, for customers that require add-ons the costs can accumulate.
  • MochaHost’s basic plans are really meant for light traffic. If your traffic starts to pick up – you’ll have to scale to a costlier plan.

MochaHost is based in San Jose, California, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. It specializes in providing professional website hosting and web development services while positioning itself as a more affordable option in the market without compromising on quality.

The MochaHost website is available globally, with versions in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Additionally, there is a tool for converting prices to 42 different currencies.

MochaHost hosts over a million domains, but whether it is the right choice for you depends on your needs. MochaHost has its share of advantages and disadvantages, such as free tools and the ability to host unlimited websites, but not with its cheapest package. The hosting provider is cost-effective and offers a decent range of features that are worth considering, even though its website pages are text-heavy.

If you are searching for a new hosting provider, continue reading to determine whether MochaHost is a suitable option for you.

Plans and Pricing

MochaHost stands out among the world’s many affordable web hosting providers due to its exceptional cost-effectiveness. The company’s LifeTime Discount is a contributing factor, which applies to most MochaHost products and means that your renewal prices will be equal to or less than the initial price you paid. Furthermore, if you use a MochaHost coupon, you can further reduce your total payments.

MochaHost provides cloud, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting, with most cloud hosting plans optimized for CMS, Java, and e-commerce platforms. The Soho, the company’s most basic cloud hosting plan, starts at $1.95 per month and covers hosting for one website, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, unlimited email accounts, and SSL certificates.

However, if you require access to more advanced features, such as the company’s website builder or 1-click app installation, you will need to upgrade to MochaHost’s business cloud package. Reseller plans start at $9.47 and include the WHM control panel, free SEO tools, the website builder, and a choice between Linux or Windows servers.

Users who require or prefer more private servers can select from MochaHost’s feature-rich VPS or dedicated packages. The starter VPS package with a Linux server, Ristretto4, is from $7.98 per month and provides you with 40 GB of disk space, smartphone support, and even a newsletter or email marketing app.

MochaHost’s dedicated Linux cloud servers start with Altura-3 at $19.00 per month and offer 50 GB SSD storage space, allowing you to select between managed and unmanaged servers. While we were impressed with MochaHost’s very low prices, we suggest users read the fine print, as some listed features are actually add-ons and can increase your signup prices.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of SitesPrice
Soho – LinuxUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel1$1.95
Business – LinuxUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited$3.48
Soho – WindowsUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanel1$2.48
Business – WindowsUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited$3.98
Mocha – LinuxUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited$5.59
Mocha – WindowsUnlimitedUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited$6.21

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMPrice
Ristretto440 GB1 x 1.20GHz512 MB$7.98
Perfetto160 GB1 x 2.40GHz2 GB$9.98
Perfetto2-R280 GB1 x 2.40GHz2 GB$13.48
Perfetto280 GB2 x 2.40GHz2 GB$14.98
Perfetto1-R260 GB1 x 2.40GHz1 GB$18.17
Perfetto3-R2100 GB2 x 2.40GHz2 GB$17.98
Perfetto3100 GB2 x 2.40GHz3 GB$19.98
Perfetto4-R2150 GB2 x 2.40GHz4 GB$22.48
Perfetto4150 GB3 x 2.40GHz4 GB$22.48
Perfetto5200 GB4 x 2.40GHz4 GB$26.98
Perfetto5-R2200 GB4 x 2.40GHz6 GB$26.98
Perfetto6-R2250 GB4 x 2.40GHz8 GB$31.48
Perfetto6250 GB4 x 2.40GHz6 GB$35.98
Perfetto7-R2300 GB6 x 2.40GHz10 GB$40.48
Perfetto7300 GB4 x 2.40GHz8 GB$44.98

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan NameSpaceCPURAMPrice
Altura-350 GB1 x 2.40GHz2 GB$19.00
Altura-3100 GB2 x 2.40GHz4 GB$30.00
Ankola-3100 GB2 x 2.40GHz4 GB$24.00
Ankola-3100 GB2 x 2.40GHz6 GB$35.00
Barista-3200 GB4 x 2.40GHz6 GB$47.00
Barista-3200 GB4 x 2.40GHz8 GB$52.00
Barahona-3300 GB6 x 2.40GHz8 GB$64.00
Barahona-3300 GB6 x 2.40GHz10 GB$69.00
Matari-3400 GB8 x 2.40GHz10 GB$81.00
Matari-3400 GB8 x 2.40GHz12 GB$86.00
Moshi-3500 GB10 x 2.40GHz12 GB$98.00
Moshi-3500 GB10 x 2.40GHz14 GB$103.00
Moshi-4600 GB12 x 2.40GHz16 GB$120.00
Moshi-4600 GB12 x 2.40GHz18 GB$125.00
Moshi-5700 GB14 x 2.40GHz20 GB$127.80
Moshi-5700 GB14 x 2.40GHz22 GB$147.00
Moshi-6800 GB16 x 2.40GHz24 GB$164.00
Moshi-6800 GB16 x 2.40GHz26 GB$169.00

Resellers Plans

Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelPrice
Mocha225 GBUnlimitedcPanel$9.87
Mocha225 GBUnlimitedPlesk$12.63


Overall, MochaHost offers the features that we typically look for in a web hosting provider. Beginners are provided with the tools to easily jump into things, such as the company’s user-friendly website builder, a 1-click installer for over 450 apps directly from the MochaHost cPanel, and free website transfers. Furthermore, you can effortlessly establish your online business with unlimited email accounts and free SSL certificates.

Developers also have access to robust features with MochaHost. We appreciated the company’s capability to customize the back-end with different programming languages, and how simple it was to select a PHP version with MochaHost’s advanced PHP selector. Both novices and advanced users can take advantage of a variety of security features, including malware and spam monitoring, and weekly automatic backups.

A word of caution: some of MochaHost’s standout features are only available with an upgrade – if you opt for the company’s most basic plans, you may not have access to all of the impressive features that MochaHost offers.


MochaHost has gone to great lengths to provide the best possible uptimes and load times, and it shows. The company’s Never Reboot Protection updates servers without requiring them to be powered down, which is one of the factors contributing to MochaHost’s 100% uptime guarantee – a rare achievement in today’s web hosting landscape. Our months of testing were able to confirm uptimes of more than 99.99%, placing MochaHost at the forefront of hosting reliability.

Regarding load speed, MochaHost has implemented several different measures, such as SSD drives with caching boosts, geo-optimization, and state-of-the-art servers, to achieve incredibly fast load times. The result is that, during our months of testing under various traffic conditions, MochaHost’s load times averaged between 850-1000ms, which is less than half of Google’s recommended hard limit of 2s.

Customer Support

If your top priority is reliable support, MochaHost is an excellent option. Along with a support portal, MochaHost offers a knowledge base and various online video tutorials. Additionally, there’s a ticketing system and a straightforward tool to monitor server and network status.

To gauge the quality of MochaHost’s support team, I personally tested it out. On two separate occasions, the live chat function was immediately responsive and provided me with comprehensive answers to my inquiries. Furthermore, I successfully upgraded my account and received a confirmation email within minutes. However, the actual upgrade process took roughly 12 hours to complete.


Overall, my customer service experience was positive, and I felt confident that MochaHost would be reliable in a crisis.


MochaHost impressed us with its ability to balance affordability with feature-rich packages. Even beginners are given access to user-friendly tools and support that help make the process of web hosting less intimidating. Additionally, developers can enjoy features such as support for multiple programming languages and MySQL extensions.

MochaHost prides itself on offering a wide range of choices, with three tiers available within each plan, as well as options between Linux and Windows servers and a variety of servers optimized for popular platforms. It’s important to review your plan carefully to ensure you’re getting the features you want, but with MochaHost, you definitely get what you pay for.

We were particularly impressed with MochaHost’s commitment to innovation, which shows in its constant efforts to improve consistency, speed, support, and security for customers’ websites. This commitment resonated strongly with us.

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